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It is important to join the Research Administration Community to facilitate your grant management duties. Within this Pulse Organization you will find examples of wording for processes like cost transfers, contracts and animal protocols ; step by step instructions and explanations for common activities such as effort reporting; and references for procedures and policies as well as other useful information.

This is an additional resource, different from joining the listserve because you can come to the location any time to search for the information you desire, rather than waiting for an email to come to you.

Also, the communities are more than just a way for the Office of Research Administration to reach you. They are also a place for everyone involved in research at Jefferson to connect and collaborate. There are groups where members can talk electronically to each other and a wiki to record and share information. We value your opinions and expertise and think that knowledge should be freely shared. Please, join us!
To join the Research Administration Community, or the Clinical Trials Community ...

1) Sign into PULSE using your ID and password.

Pulse Screen 1

2) Choose the tab “Organizations”, then browse….

Org Catalog

3) Enter a search term like clinical trials or research (depending on which group you are intending to join)

Search Catalog

4) Click on the enroll button.


Your part is done!

After your enrollment is confirmed, your organizations will be visible on your PULSE homepage. Whenever announcements are posted, a note will appear under the title of the organization which you can click on to get to the full announcement