Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Designing Health +
Human Dignity

Digital technologies and other rapid advancements in medicine continue to transform and improve standards of healthcare. Simultaneously, the digital divide and escalating costs associated with such advances have the potential to distance healthcare providers from patients and the communities which they serve. At MEDstudio@JEFF, we generate and deliver highly personalized, intuitive, accommodating, and beneficial care procedures for all of those in need. Using human-centered design as a guiding principle, we foster creativity, empathy, and radical improvements in healthcare by deeply considering the perspective of those we serve.

Three key multi-generational and highly diverse challenges we address include:

  1. NEW AGING: How can we shift the process and perception of aging to generate a system that is dignified and healthy?
  2. SPACES OF HEALING: How can we design and engage with the built and natural environment, in active and passive ways, to promote health and wellness? Can architecture heal?
  3. HUMANIZING TECHNOLOGY: As medicine becomes increasingly technocratic and automatic, how can we improve upon the health care providers' ability to connect with patients in a highly personalized manner?