Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Projects & Collaborations

Rooted in a radical ten-year anti-disciplinary experiment in extreme collaboration, the Sabin+Jones LabStudio, MEDstudio@JEFF knows that worthwhile solutions require time, depth of knowledge, and input provided by a wide array of creative contributors. To facilitate and curate this process, the studio engages various alternative voices, ideas, and techniques to find comprehensive solutions to complex challenges facing modern medicine. Searching across contexts and connecting the dots, MEDstudio@JEFF forges deep collaborative relationships that broaden perspectives, incite new possibilities, and develop positive outcomes.

Our projects explore the potentialities of human-centered design in healthcare, offering a valuable interface for observation and research into productive models for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Recent & Ongoing MEDstudio@JEFF Collaborative Projects Include:

The Beacon

The Beacon - MEDstudio@JEFF is proud to announce the debut of THE BEACON at this year’s DesignPhiladelphia. An interactive ecosystem created in collaboration with lead designer Jenny Sabin Studio. THE BEACON will immerse audience members into an exciting vision of how design will enhance the future of human health and wellness. 

Designing Urban Health - Partnering with Friends of The Philadelphia Rail Park and Center City District in support of the cultivation of a continuous three-mile linear park and recreation path through Philadelphia, MEDstudio@JEFF’s contributions to the Philadelphia Rail Park project explore the positive social impact that can be propelled by human-centered design in health and wellness at an urban scale.

In cooperation with the Jefferson College of Population Health MPH Program, the Rail Park endeavor has also become a focal point of research to evaluate the symbiotic relationships between nature and public health.

Architecture for Spaces of Healing - MEDstudio@JEFF’s continued collaborations with architect Jenny Sabin investigate architecture as a conduit for collaboration between scientists, architects, designers, doctors, and researchers. Most recent projects begin to examine the ability of our built surroundings to positively affect human experience, health and wellness.

Wearable Technology - Partnering between the Drexel University Shima Seiki Haute Technology Lab and the Jefferson Center for Injury Research and Prevention, MEDstudio@JEFF is currently assisting in research to analyze the utility of the Exo-Skin Device, a knitted tendon actuated exoskeleton capable of delivering force and textural feedback to individual fingertips, in order to better understand its practical applicability towards geriatric rehabilitation.

Design Philadelphia - Events curated by MEDstudio@JEFF in conjunction with Design Philadelphia engage a public dialogue with the city of Philadelphia on how design thinking may be catalyzed to produce innovative shifts in how we approach existing, or currently unchallenged problems, in medicine and healthcare.

Capsule - A forthcoming full-color print and online publication series launching in the Fall of 2016, Capsule will provoke conversation, dissolve borders, and intersect new creative relationships between the spheres of medicine, art, science, design, technology, and the humanities.