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Student Organization Annual Registration Process

Student organizations must complete the Annual Registration Process for each academic year.  As outlined in the aforementioned Student Organization Recognition Policy, a student organization’s status will be determined based upon completion of the Student Organization Minimum Requirements.

The Annual Registration Process consists of three components

  • Student Organization Registration Form
  • Student Organization Officer Training
  • Advisor Acknowledgement Form

The Deadline for Completion of all three components is as follows:

  • Priority Funding Deadline: August 15th

Student organizations who have successfully completed the Student Organization Registration process in full by August 15th will be eligible for priority room assignments.

Student organization who have successfully completed the Student Organization Registration process in full AND have submitted their Annual Budget Allocation Request by August 15th will be eligible for priority funding.

Please see the Funding segment in Section Two of this manual for additional details on priority funding, and the Room Reservations segment in Section Three of this manual for additional details on priority room assignments.

  • Standard Deadline: August 31st

NOTE: For new student organizations granted developmental status for the spring semester, the annual registration process deadline is December 31st.

To complete the Annual Registration Process, you will need to do the following



1. Complete The Student Organization Registration Form


Who Should Do This: Any current officer of the student organization for the 2017-18 academic year (please coordinate amongst the officer to ensure that only one form is submitted)

The form will ask for the following information

  • Student Organization Name
  • Membership Eligibility (e.g. is the organization open to all Jefferson students or only those in one specific College?)
  • Membership Dues or Fees (Annually)
  • Directory Information
    • In advance of filling out the registration form, please review your student organization’s directory listing in the 2016-17 Student Organization Directory, then please list your desired description for 2017-18 on this form.  Your student organization directory listing will be updated with the information on this registration form.  If there is no change to the existing description that is published in the Student Organization Directory, please type in “NO CHANGE”.  All descriptions are subject to approval from the Office of Student Life and Engagement.
  • Student Organization Officer information including: first name, last name, campus key, College, anticipated graduation year, phone, Jefferson email, and officer position within the student organization

If you have more officers than the space provided on the form, please email the information to

  • Note:  As stated in the Student Organization Minimum Requirements, student organizations must have at least four officers.   Officer positions must be filled by current students of Thomas Jefferson University. If the student organization’s membership eligibility is listed as “All Jefferson Students” or “All Members of the Jefferson Community”, then the Executive Board should be interdisciplinary (officers should not be all from the same College).  Each organization must have a designated President and a designated Treasurer.  The other officer positions may be determined by the student organization, but may not be duplicate positions (e.g. each student organization may only have one President at a time).  Students may not hold more than one officer position within a single student organization and may not hold more than two officer positions across student organizations.
  • Annual Executive Board Transitions
    • Please list the time of the year that your student organization transitions the Executive Board.  NOTE: This is not necessarily when elections are held, but rather when the new officers officially take over.  Please enter a month and some additional qualifying information if needed (e.g. Late April).
    • Please explain why the annual Executive Board transitions take place at this time of year.
  • Advisor information including: first name, last name, position at Jefferson (title), department/office, campus address, campus phone, and Jefferson email
  • Student Organization Member information including: first name, last name, campus key, and College
    • Note: As stated in the Student Organization Minimum Requirements, student organizations must have at least 10 members, with at least four of the members serving in the role of officer for the student organization.  In this part of the registration form you will provide the information for the other six members.  If you have additional members beyond the six you list on this page, we do not require that you provide any information on them.
  •  Certification
    • That the individual listed as the 2017-18 Student Organization Advisor on this form has agreed to serve in the capacity of advisor for the period of September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018 and is aware of all information being submitted on this form.
    • That a current constitution/bylaws are on file in the Office of Student Life and Engagement
      • Note: If a current constitution/bylaws are not on file, the student organization must email a current copy to prior to completing the registration form.
    • That you understand that the Annual Registration Process is not complete until all of your student organization officers have successfully completed the Student Organization Officer Training in Blackboard learn, for which the deadline is August 31, 2017.

2. Complete The Student Organization Officer Training In Blackboard Learn

Where: Blackboard Learn "Student Organization Link" (see instructions below)

Who Should Do This: All Officers

In order to ensure delivery of the important information student organizations need, the Office of Student Life and Engagement has created an online training for officers.

  • Each student organization officer will need to successfully complete the Student Organization Officer Training annually in Blackboard Learn which consists of viewing online training modules and taking corresponding quizzes for each. 
    • Student organization officers must receive a passing score of 80% or higher for each quiz in order to successfully complete the training.

To access the training, please follow the instructions below

Part One (Enroll in the Organization)

  1. Open a new web browser window and access Blackboard Learn at
  2. Enter your username (campus key) and password in the appropriate boxes.
    1. NOTE:  If you do not know your campus key, you should select “Campus Key Lookup” from the Support Links on the left.
  3. Once you are logged in, select the “Community” tab at the top of the page.
  4. In the Organization Search box on the top left of the screen, type “Student Organization Link” and click Go.
  5. In the results section,
    1. Put your mouse over the Student Organization Link organization and you will see a downward arrow appear. 
    2. Click on the arrow and then click on the link to “Enroll”. 
    3. Then click “Submit” and then “OK”.  You should now be able to see the organization.

Part Two (View Presentations and Take Quizzes)

  • There are four components to the training:

a.  Student Organization Manual

b.  Presentations

c.  Forms

d.  Quizzes

  • Utilizing the menu on the left, start by reading the 2017-18 Student Organization Manual, then view each of the Presentations which will highlight some important information from each section of the manual, and lastly review the Forms.
  • Then click on Quizzes in the menu and take the three quizzes – Operating as a Student Organization, Financials, Event Management – AND complete the Student Organization Officer – Certification Statement.

a.  You must obtain a score of at least 80 out of 100 points in order to satisfy the Student Organization Officer Training requirement. If your score is less than 80 points, you should watch the presentation again and re-take the quiz.

  • Once completed, you may log out of Blackboard Learn. You do NOT need to notify the Office of Student Life and Engagement that you have completed the requirement. Your scores will be automatically sent to our office.
  • The Office of Student Life and Engagement will review your scores and record if you have satisfactorily completed this requirement.

Please note that these trainings will remain available to you throughout the academic year, so anytime you want to reference the information contained in each simply log into Blackboard Learn, click on the Community Tab and access the Student Organization Link.

3. Complete the Advisor Acknowledgement Form


Who Should Do This: Student Organization Advisor(s)

Advisors must sign an electronic statement certifying that they have received and reviewed the Student Organization Manual and the Clery Act. 

Once you have successfully completed all of the above, you will be done with the Annual Registration Process.  The Office of Student Life and Engagement will reach out to you confirming your student organization status for the academic year and provide you with any additional information needed.