Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Specialized Teaching Spaces

Numerous medium to large teaching spaces on campus have been equipped with additional capabilities. These classrooms or auditoria will offer access to features such as an interactive annotation monitor, built-in lectern PC, installed projection and sound systems and automated lecture recording capability (CLAS). Rooms currently equipped with some or all of these capabilities include:

  • Brent auditorium
  • Connelly auditorium
  • Foerderer auditorium
  • Herbut auditorium
  • Solis-Cohen auditorium
  • College Building rooms 203 and 205
  • Curtis Building room 218
  • Hamilton Building room 505
  • Jefferson Alumni Hall rooms 207, 307, 407 and 509
  • Jefferson Alumni Hall rooms M13A & M13B.
  • Scott Building room 306

1020 Locust Street
Room M97
(215) 503-1290

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