Careers in Jefferson’s Office of Institutional Advancement

In OIA, our values are Jefferson’s values:
  1. Put people first: Whether we’re dealing with benefactors, colleagues, patients, students, or anybody else, we treat everyone with dignity and respect, and go above and beyond to put people first.
  2. Be bold and think differently: Jefferson is continually redefining what’s possible in the medical, research, and academic spaces. OIA is doing the same for philanthropy. We like big thinkers with bold ideas and the drive to make them happen.
  3. Do the right thing: It’s just the right thing to do. Our standards of integrity and accountability are high because, as a world-class institution, we owe our constituents and colleagues nothing less.

Our values guide recruiting too. We want to ensure that every candidate has a positive experience with OIA. Part of that is making our process as transparent as possible.

  1. The application: When you see a position that interests you, click the link on our page to see a description, then proceed to Jefferson’s Human Resources (HR) site to submit your application.
  2. The review process: Our partners in HR review each application and pass along promising résumés to OIA’s associate director of Advancement Operations, who works with hiring managers to identify the strongest candidates.
  3. The phone interview: At this stage, we’ll reach out and schedule time for you to talk with a member of our Advancement Operations team. We’re hoping to learn more about your background and your goals for your next position, and we’ll share more about the role and what it’s like to work at Jefferson.
  4. The in-person interview(s): We insist on in-person interviews, typically two rounds. It helps you get a feel for the team you’ll be working with, and it helps us connect with you too. Most often, you’ll meet with the hiring manager, the immediate team, and others you’ll work closely with in the role. You’ll also meet with our HR partner who can answer questions about benefits and guide you through our onboarding process. Every final candidate meets with our executive vice president, Elizabeth Dale, and senior vice president, Stephen Smith, who are invested in hiring the right people at all levels because it’s that important.
  5. References, the offer, and beyond: If you’re selected as the final candidate, our HR partner will ask for your references: two managers and three non-managers. If everything looks good, we’ll present you with a competitive offer letter. Once you’ve accepted (and we hope you do!), our HR partner will schedule a health screening appointment and initiate a background check.