Ways to Give


Cash, Checks, Phone & Online

Cash gifts are the easiest and most direct way to give to Jefferson and are fully deductible for individuals who itemize on their federal income tax return. If you would like to make a gift by mailing in your credit card information, we recommend you print our donation form, complete it in full, and include it with your mailing. Questions? Please contact Sarah Staley Niebauer at 267-734-4324 or giftquestions@jefferson.edu.

  • Make checks payable to “Jefferson”
  • For Jefferson Moss-Magee Rehabilitation Hospital – Center City, make check payable to “Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation” and mail to Magee Rehabilitation Hospital – Jefferson Health, 1513 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. Call 215-587-3090 for questions.
Mail check to:
     Office of Institutional Advancement
     Department 825434
     P.O. Box 71331
     Philadelphia, PA 19176-1331
Mail all correspondence to:
    Office of Institutional Advancement
    1101 Market Street, 22nd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

If you own stock, it is sometimes wiser to contribute stock rather than cash, as a gift of appreciated stock generally offers a two-fold tax advantage:

  1. You avoid paying capital gains tax on the increased value of the stock
  2. You receive an income tax deduction for the full fair-market value of the stock at the time of the gift

For example, if you purchased stock years ago for $1,000 that is now worth $10,000, an outright gift of the stock would result in a charitable deduction of $10,000. In addition, there is no tax on the $9,000 appreciation in value.

If you have owned stock for more than a year, you qualify for these significant tax advantages. Your gift must be postmarked by December 31 to qualify for a deduction in that tax year. A stockbroker or trust officer also can arrange for a year-end gift of stock from your account.

Transferring stock to Jefferson or have questions? Email Sarah Niebauer at sarah.staley@jefferson.edu with your name, contact information, stock name, and number of shares. We will provide you with instructions for your broker.

Making a planned gift is an excellent way to support Jefferson while obtaining long-term financial benefits for you and your family. Staff in our Department of Planned Giving can help you choose from the giving options that also produce income for you.

Significant tax advantages can be associated with income-producing gifts, such as an immediate charitable income tax deduction, an avoidance of immediate capital gains taxes upon the sale of appreciated assets, and eventual estate tax savings. Please contact Lisa Repko, JD, at lisa.repko@jefferson.edu or 215-955-0437 for individual advice on your particular situation.

If you are a Jefferson faculty or staff member, you can make a gift to the university or hospital through your paycheck. Simply log in to PeopleSoft and select “Employee Giving” to get started. If you wish to give to a specific campus, search the hospital’s name to populate non-enterprise funds.

For additional information, please contact Sarah Wright at sarah.wright@jefferson.edu or 215-955-0977.

We are honored you are considering including us in your estate plans. Through the years, our friends and alumni have provided generous and significant support for patient programs, scholarships, and professorships. Please contact Lisa Repko, JD, at lisa.repko@jefferson.edu or 215-955-0437 for language specific to the Jefferson program you wish to support in your estate plans.

You could double or even triple the amount of your donation if your employer provides matching gifts. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that match charitable contributions made by their employees.

There is no better way to honor or memorialize a friend, family member or loved one than to make a gift which helps provide for others. Your gift is a long-lasting, meaningful way to commemorate someone special, convey sympathy or celebrate and honor a person’s life and accomplishments.

Your tribute gift to Jefferson can be made:

  • For a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or recovery.
  • In honor of someone important to you.
  • In memoriam of a lost loved one.

Sending a gift by wire guarantees prompt delivery of funds to ensure your gift is put into action fast. No need to worry about waiting for physical mail delivery. Quick confirmation leads to maximum impact! Please be sure to fill out our wire transfer form and send it to us in advance so that we are aware of your gift and prepared to acknowledge your support.

  • Grants are made payable to: Thomas Jefferson University.
  • Our Tax ID is: 23-1352651.
  • We encourage you to specify the purpose of your grant by indicating the department, project, or fund.
  • Grants can be sent by check to:
    Thomas Jefferson University
    Office of Institutional Advancement
    Department 825434
    P.O. Box 71331
    Philadelphia, PA 19176-1331
  • Grants can be sent by wire or ACH to:
    Wells Fargo Bank
    Philadelphia, PA
    ABA Number: 121000248
    To Credit: TJU Corporate Account
    Account Number: 2000049155914
  • For your information, per IRS regulations, grants from donor-advised funds cannot be used to fulfill personal charitable pledges or in situations in which you receive a benefit, such as purchasing event tickets.

Please let your gift officer or Sarah Niebauer (contact info below) know when you’re recommending a grant from your donor-advised fund to Jefferson so we can be sure it’s allocated properly. Include the name of your donor-advised fund, the financial institution, the grant amount, and purpose.

Should you or your fund administrator have any questions about making a grant to Jefferson from your donor-advised fund, please contact Sarah Niebauer at 267-734-4324 or giftquestions@jefferson.edu.

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