Dr. Charles J. Yeo

Dr. Charles J. Yeo is the 8th Samuel D. Gross Professor and chair of the Department of Surgery at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Yeo’s major accomplishments have been in the fields of surgical education, clinical care of patients with complex alimentary tract diseases, and molecular research in pancreatic cancer. His authorship of manuscripts in journals, book chapters, and books have been major contributions to the surgical literature. His design and completion of numerous prospective randomized clinical trials have dramatically impacted the field of pancreatic surgery—particularly the most difficult of all pancreatic procedures, the pancreaticoduodenectomy.

Dr. Yeo’s primary interests and research have been in the fields of hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery—the evaluation of patients with pancreatic cancer, the management of patients with unusual pancreatic neoplasms, as well as acute or chronic pancreatitis. He also maintains an interest in complex abdominal surgery of the stomach, liver, biliary tree and intestines, and the history of surgery. He has personally performed over 1,400 Whipple procedures, and cared for over 2,200 patients with pancreatic tumors.

Dr. Yeo is the editor-in-chief of Case Reports in Pancreatic Cancer, and the highly successful two-volume encyclopedic Shackelford’s Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, 7th Edition published in 2013. He has authored over 525 peer reviewed scientific papers, numerous abstracts, over 110 book chapters, and 22 books or monographs.

Dr. Yeo, his wife (Theresa P. Yeo, Ph.D.), and dog reside in the Philadelphia suburbs.