A University trustee since 2005, Mr. Lubert is a driving force behind the growth and success of Jefferson’s advanced heart failure research program. His ongoing support of the Division of Cardiology faculty’s work to improve treatment for patients with congestive heart failure has enabled significant advances in the field.

Through his profound generosity, Ira Lubert has shaped the Jefferson community in ways you can’t see – and in ways you can.

Evidence of the magnitude of Mr. Lubert’s behind-the-scenes support lies directly at the center of Jefferson’s campus, the site of a plaza he named in honor of his parents. The Sidney and Ethal Lubert Plaza offers students, faculty and staff a safe, welcoming and comfortable green space where they can gather to study, socialize and relax.

A native of Newton, a suburban town in northern New Jersey, Mr. Lubert is a formidable businessman with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate and private equity sectors. Mr. Lubert is co-founder of Independence Capital Partners, a family of eight private equity and real estate funds with more than $12 billion under management, including Lubert-Adler Real Estate Partners. His interest in property developed when he was a student at Penn State – where he noticed a shortage of housing on campus and began buying mobile homes, fixing them up and renting or selling them to his peers – and hasn’t waned since.

Nearly 40 years after graduating from Penn State, Mr. Lubert maintains close ties with his alma mater. He sits on the board of trustees and has contributed to a variety of programs and projects that have benefited students at the main campus, Penn State Great Valley and Penn State Abington. Among his gifts is an endowed wrestling coach position; he attended Penn State on a wrestling scholarship and was a champion heavy-weight wrestler, and his enthusiasm for the sport at the college level endures today.

Mr. Lubert’s philanthropy extends beyond Penn State and Jefferson; he also has served on the board of notable organizations such as the Wistar Institute, the Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Red Cross and Prince Music Theater and is a past chairman of the United Way Campaign of Philadelphia.