College of Architecture & the Built Environment


Name: Lisa Repko
Position: Vice President for Development, Thomas Jefferson University & Planned Giving, Office of Institutional Advancement
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A Foundation for the Future

As our lives become more intertwined with new technologies, the structure of our environments must adapt to our changing needs. Programs in the College of Architecture and the Built Environment offer an unparalleled educational experience designed to meet modern demands. Our students learn to leverage big data to conceive groundbreaking architectural forms. They are taught how to develop new types of sustainable infrastructure and buildings that adapt to a shifting climate, and they gain the vision needed to create life-giving environments. Our dynamic approach to education and excellence equips graduates with a competitive advantage, poised to become innovators in sustainable practice.

By making a gift to the College of Architecture and the Built Environment, you have the power to further a revolutionary educational experience, empowering our graduates to thrive in the modern working world.