College of Humanities & Sciences


Name: Lisa Repko
Position: Vice President for Development, Thomas Jefferson University & Planned Giving, Office of Institutional Advancement
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Building the Well-Rounded Professional of the 21st Century

To thrive in today’s world, a holistic perspective is vital. At Jefferson’s College of Humanities and Sciences, transdisciplinary collaboration defines our approach to instruction and study. It’s here that the philosopher meets the political scientist, the sociologist meets the activist, the historian meets the mathematician, and the writer meets the physicist. Our students learn to develop, analyze, and apply information to address key policy issues—both nationally and globally. Hands-on experiential learning brings students directly into contact with a convergence of professional practices that enables them to absorb more than a textbook could ever convey.

By giving to the College of Humanities and Sciences, you’re helping change the world through evidence-based analysis and passionate community engagement. Such is the central mission of the College of Humanities and Sciences.