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Name: Lisa Repko
Position: Vice President for Development, Thomas Jefferson University & Planned Giving, Office of Institutional Advancement
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The Future of Healthcare and Education Is Global

Jefferson stands at the nexus of healthcare and education. And our mission to improve lives extends far beyond Philadelphia and the United States—we are building relationships and setting new standards of excellence in academics, research, and clinical care in countries across the globe. To achieve this mission, we are working to form sustainable, high-impact collaborations with leading international institutions, creating a unique framework to rapidly expand the breadth, depth, and reach of our services.

Philanthropy is invaluable in bringing these global opportunities to life, empowering Jefferson and our collaborators to share knowledge, best practices, and breakthroughs at home and abroad. It fuels innovations from the bench to the bedside, the fashion lab to the runway, and the classroom to the working world—across the enterprise and around the world.

At Jefferson, we believe that in order to truly improve health outcomes on a global scale, it is imperative that we have a presence in Africa. It is in this spirit that we launched the Jefferson Collaboration for African Partnerships, focused on developing strong clinical, academic, and research collaborations with hospitals and universities in countries like Rwanda, Malawi, and South Africa. It’s no secret that practicing medicine in Africa comes with many unique challenges, but we are poised to leverage our unique infrastructure, distinguished faculty, and strategic global partnerships to bring revolutionary care to the continent. Philanthropy is central to our global mission, helping us launch high-impact initiatives in key areas like emergency medicine, maternal-child health, care access for informal settlements, motor vehicle accident research, and much more.

Global healthcare needs are changing rapidly. The Jefferson India Center provides the framework necessary to keep pace, empowering public-private partnerships that address the social determinants of health, health disparities, and access to care in the world’s two largest democracies. By advancing the concept of distance learning and team science through bilateral faculty and student exchanges, the Center provides new generations of health leaders the global perspective necessary to effect meaningful change in healthcare delivery.

Israel today is what Silicon Valley was in the late 1990s, with more technology start-ups per capita than anywhere in the world. The Jefferson Israel Center is a prime example of our global mission in action, tapping into Israel’s rich ecosystem of innovation so that we can bridge it to our own. In so doing, the Israel Center gives life to our mission and vision—to improve lives and “redefine humanly possible.”

The Jefferson Italy Center is the culmination of decades of collaborations between Jefferson and Italy, providing a formal centralized system to identify, organize, coordinate, and promote strategic partnerships between Jefferson and Italian academic medical centers that maximize our collective impact on individual and population health. The Center has three primary goals: supplement the development of health professionals from Italy with experiences at Jefferson; promote the exchange of research ideas and personnel between the Italian institutions and Jefferson; and conduct path-breaking research during the exchanges.

For over three decades, Jefferson has hosted hundreds Japanese medical students, physicians, and nurses for short- and long-term training opportunities. The Japan Center for Health Professions Education and Research at Jefferson was established in 2012 to formalize the connection to our colleagues in Japan. The Center brings together Thomas Jefferson University, the Japanese Association for the Development of Community Medicine (JADECOM), and the Noguchi Medical Research Institute (NMRI). Its goal is to supplement the development of health professionals from Japan with experiences at Jefferson, exchange research ideas and personnel, and conduct research during the exchanges.