Institute of Emerging Professions


Name: Lisa Repko
Position: Vice President for Development, Thomas Jefferson University & Planned Giving, Office of Institutional Advancement
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Today’s Training for Tomorrow’s Healthcare

The Institute of Emerging Health Professions (IEHP) is a first-of-its-kind educational think-tank and incubator that provides the innovative and unique education and training needed to fill career and certification gaps in healthcare practice and delivery. Rather than simply offering programs that already exist at other institutions, our philosophy is to be “education entrepreneurs,” developing curricula that will be truly novel and meet the demands of our community and the healthcare systems of the future. To date, we have developed future-focused education programs in cannabinoid chemistry and toxicology, certified medical assistants, telehealth facilitators, blockchain for healthcare, and other key emerging areas.

A gift to the Institute of Emerging Health Professions is an investment in the future of medicine. It allows us to provide the training today that workers in healthcare and related disciplines will need tomorrow.