Name: Andy Kitaeff
Position: Assistant Vice President of Development, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Office of Institutional Advancement
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In the fight against head and neck cancer, science matters. From molecular breakthroughs to innovative therapies and technologies, the work that is done in the lab today plays a crucial role in curing cancer tomorrow. If Jefferson is going to continue to be a premier destination for head and neck cancer treatment in the United States, then we must continue to invest in research.

Create a Robust Translational Research Infrastructure

As the backbone of medical innovation, translational research uncovers the cures of tomorrow and saves lives today. This research provides the empirical evidence necessary to advance scientific knowledge and to rapidly translate discoveries into new drugs, therapies, and technologies. Philanthropy is invaluable to our research efforts, providing the support necessary to rapidly translate scientific breakthroughs into next-generation patient care.

Expand Access to Clinical Trials

Clinical studies are vital to healthcare innovation. All treatments that are now standard of care were once considered cutting-edge, and all were pioneered through clinical research. Currently, Jefferson has multiple ongoing clinical trials related to head and neck cancer, and SKCC is in the top 5% for clinical cancer trial enrollment.

“We are committed to designing and providing the right treatment for the right patient at the right time,” says Dr. William Kevin Kelly, associate director of clinical research at SKCC. “The more support we have for clinical trials and novel care, the more successful we are in precisely tailoring treatments.”

The patient data garnered from these studies will be critical to broadening our understanding and treatment of head and neck cancer.