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Today, the life expectancy of a baby born in Center City is more than a decade longer than one born in South Philadelphia, and 20 years longer than a baby born in North Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia’s Challenge

At a time when more than a quarter of all Philadelphians live in poverty, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the Philadelphia Challenge. It will take targeted efforts addressing the multiple social determinants of health impacting each Philadelphia community. Learn more about our initiatives.

The Hansjörg Wyss South Philadelphia Wellness Center will serve as the hub of Jefferson’s clinical and educational outreach activities for the city’s southern neighborhoods, particularly targeting the area’s significant immigrant and refugee populations. Located in the Bok Building—an anchor for the surrounding community—the Wyss Center will be a one-stop-shop offering primary and preventive care, outreach, and educational offerings to this overlooked patient population, regardless of health insurance or citizenship status.

Philanthropy is a core part of the Wyss Center’s mission. Thanks to a leadership gift from the center’s namesake, we have recently broken ground on the clinic and launched a $5 million fundraising initiative to enact our ultimate vision for the space. Your philanthropic support will enable us to create the only medical practice in Philadelphia providing comprehensive, integrated medical care and health education for immigrants, refugees, and the surrounding South Philadelphia community. 

hungry children

children go hungry


of the population is obese


of children are living in poverty

These aren’t statistics from the developing world. This is happening right here, right now, in Philadelphia.

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With a gift to support the Jefferson Collaborative for Health Equity, you can help ensure that every Philadelphian has access to the resources and programs that will help create opportunities for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic circumstances. You can create a legacy that will touch the lives of countless individuals. You can give people hope.


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