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Innovative Design With Patients in Mind

The decision to undergo chemotherapy is no easy task, but is oftentimes the only course of action for effective cancer treatment. While treatment varies from patient to patient, the reality of the situation is that chemo will become a part of patients’ daily routines for months at a time. Our goal at Jefferson is to ensure that every patient feels comfortable and safe during their treatments.

The Asplundh Cancer Pavilion offers a full array of cancer treatment options, cutting-edge technologies, and state-of-the-art facilities. It was built from the ground up with patients in mind every step of the way.

I was blown away when I got a chance to see the Asplundh Cancer Pavilion.

Meredith Tarditi Choriocarcinoma cancer survivor and former Abington Health patient

Research shows that treatment environments can impact recovery times, so every inch of the 86,600-square-foot facility was designed just as Tarditi says—intentionally.

When the Asplundh Cancer Pavilion was being designed by nationally recognized architecture and engineering firm EwingCole, the goal was to create a peaceful and serene healing environment. The cancer center was built with the surrounding ecology in mind and with the idea to blur the line between hospital and landscape.

To achieve this vision, the Asplundh Cancer Pavilion is lined with rows of floor-to-ceiling windows to allow an abundance of nature light to flood the lobbies and treatment rooms throughout the center, while providing a scenic view of the surrounding greenery. On the outside, there are several walking paths through healing gardens for patients to explore before or after their treatments.

“I love that there are so many opportunities in this building to admire nature, and to really sit and reflect,” Tarditi says. “Cancer changes everything. It changes your perspective on all life.”

At Jefferson, we believe that no patient should go through treatment alone, and have provided spaces for fellow patients, family, and friends. Patients and their loved ones can stop by our café and grab a healthy snack after treatment. There is also a community space for patients to participate in support groups and healing therapies to find comfort and companionship during their recovery.

Every aspect of the Asplundh Cancer Pavilion, from the Recovery Image Center to the infusion room carpets to the personalized treatment plans, has been specifically designed with patient comfort and recovery in mind.

“I hope I never have to come here for cancer treatment. I hope no one that I love—no one that I know—ever has to come here for treatment,” Tarditi reflects. “But if you do, this is the place where you want to come for your cancer treatment.”