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The Honickman Center: It’s Not Just for Patients!

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The Honickman Center Is Designed With Employees in Mind

While the Honickman Center may be built of concrete, glass, and steel, at its core beats a heart that is decidedly human.  

“One of the things about the Honickman Center that excites me so much is the fact that we are putting the patient, family, and staff at the center of the design for the building,” says Dr. Catriona Harrop, Senior Vice President for the Jefferson Medical Group and an internist and hospitalist. “There are multiple initiatives that focus not only on the patient experience, but on the staff experience as well.”

Employee needs and staff flow were carefully and thoughtfully taken into consideration when designing the space, and efficiency, ease of use, and health benefits are the common themes.  Staff will no longer have to manually record patient weight or vital signs. “Gone are the days of the sticky note, where staff have to write down the vitals and then input them into the computer,” shares Dr. Harrop. Exam chairs, blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters will directly feed information into patients’ electronic health records automatically.

In addition, natural lighting will illuminate team rooms where all clinical staff interact, while adjustable desks with dual monitors offer the option for sitting or standing for users. Small focus rooms for private time or conversations will also be available. An exercise space championed by Jefferson leadership has been created to benefit the employees’ physical, and emotional health. Finally, the Center’s outside patio on the 15th floor will offer the opportunity for staff to relax, gather, and take in a spot of fresh air during the work day.

“The pandemic wreaked havoc on healthcare and our staff members,” Dr. Harrop says. “We asked ourselves how can we make their lives simpler, easier and more efficient—bringing some of the joy back into patient care, because taking exceptional care of patients is what we are all here for.”