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Dr. Keith Leaphart Invested as the Humana Chief Health Equity & Community Impact Officer

 2 min read

On February 6, Jefferson marked a significant milestone as we celebrated the investiture of Dr. Keith Leaphart as the Humana Chief Health Equity and Community Impact Officer. It was a special occasion filled with gratitude, reflection, and a renewed, shared commitment to advancing health equity and addressing care disparities in our communities.

We are grateful to Humana for their incredible generosity and partnership. The event highlighted their extraordinary gift of $15 million, which will fund the endowment of three priority positions, including Dr. Leaphart’s new role which is integral to Jefferson’s core mission to improve the lives of the communities we serve.

Humana and Jefferson share an unwavering dedication to improving health outcomes and transforming and redefining healthcare. This gift enables Jefferson to further address and reduce disparities and provide access to care for all, no matter where they may reside. Together we are working toward our critical goal of ensuring that healthcare is not only equitable, but also accessible for all.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who joined us in celebrating Dr. Leaphart’s investiture, and to Humana for their extraordinary leadership and generosity. As we celebrate our Bicentennial and embark on our third century, we look forward to our continued collaboration in our quest to foster a healthier, more equitable world.