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A Leap Into the Future of Healthcare Technology

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From its stunning lobby to the views from the rooftop patio, the 19-story Honickman Center is a groundbreaking facility that is truly ahead of its time.

“We’ve created an experience that will change the way we view and define healthcare in the future,” says Dwight W. McBee, Executive Vice President and Chief Experience and Clinical Health Equity Officer for Jefferson Health. “We’ve learned that finding parking for your vehicle, making your way through the building to your appointment, and how many times you answer the same questions are as important as the surgery you have and the follow-up care we provide. We’ve studied each moment in the care journey and thoroughly curated experiences that redefine how we think about healthcare.”

Patients and their families will find value in the Honickman Center’s strategic location in Center City, which is close to public transit and includes an on-site, three-story parking garage and secure, state-of-the-art entry points. Visitors will also immediately be engaged by the building’s revolutionary, eye-catching design. “We will use color, sound, and even texture to escape the traditional idea of healthcare experiences,” McBee says. “The moment our visitors arrive at the Honickman Center, they will be greeted by a breathtaking, custom-designed hanging sculpture in the main lobby. The concept of bringing the outdoors inside will be exemplified differently on each floor. Our art will illustrate the beauty of the world around us and also serve as an indicator of where you are in the building.”

In addition, McBee says that the Honickman Center project has enabled Jefferson Health to take a leap into the future of healthcare technology. “We’ve designed an intuitive digital experience that brings the entire healthcare experience together and conveniently places it in the hands of our patients and our families. Everything—from learning about your health condition to finding a doctor and navigating your care experience—is being incorporated into our digital applications.”

“This is where high-tech meets high-touch,” he explains. “We have thoroughly designed the moments where technology and interpersonal relationships come together. The Honickman Center is a destination experience that brings together cutting-edge innovation with convenience, style, and unparalleled access to care for all members of our community. There’s truly nothing like it.”

From the beginning of this project, McBee and his team recognized that patients, family members, and caregivers were the best resources to inform what would work best within the healthcare experience. “I know this journey personally,” McBee shares. “My daughter has special needs, and my family often spends time and effort planning each healthcare encounter. We worry about things like wheelchair access, parking, safety, and communication with our care team. I’m incredibly proud of the fact that we’ve involved real patients and families from the beginning of this project. Visitors at the Honickman Center can trust that every aspect of the care journey has been influenced by the very people that receive our services.”

“We recognize that during a healthcare journey, there are moments that stand out that, if handled well, will instill trust and loyalty and make the overall healthcare experience one that you would recommend to your loved ones,” McBee shares. “We’ll be setting a new standard for healthcare and creating experiences that people will find joy in talking about.”

The Honickman Center would not be possible without the generous support from our donor partners. “Through donor support we’ve been able to be bolder, dream bigger, and strive for the ideal healthcare experience for our community. None of this would be possible without those that were willing to dream along with us,” he concludes.