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Neurodiversity and Jefferson’s New Outpatient Center

April is Autism Acceptance Month—a time to recognize and advocate for the 1 in 54 children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These individuals grow up to become neurodiverse adults, for whom the average healthcare setting can be overwhelming and inaccessible.

Neurodiversity encompasses not just those individuals on the autism spectrum, but anyone who may have difficulties with communication and navigating the constant stimuli of the world around them, including the aging population.

Here at Jefferson, we’re breaking the mold of traditional healthcare design—and eliminating barriers to receiving personalized care—with the introduction of Jefferson’s new outpatient center.

To do this, we’re starting from the ground up, talking with neurodiverse individuals to hear what they want to see in a building that’s designed to provide for their care.

We’re combining physical design and process to incorporate elements that will encourage comfort and healing to those whom we are privileged to serve. From the lighting, colors, acoustics, and textiles of the physical space, to the processes and programs that will make it easier for neurodiverse individuals to receive medical care, no detail will go unexamined.