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A Heartfelt Gift to Transform Cardiac Care

Dr. Singer

Dr. Raymond Singer’s journey to becoming a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon began with a childhood dream—and has now culminated in a generous gift to Jefferson Einstein Montgomery Hospital, where he currently serves as the Chief of Cardiac Surgery.

His mother and father owned a tavern in Philadelphia, yet from an early age, Dr. Singer was captivated by the idea of a career in medicine. Both of his parents battled cancer, profoundly influencing his path. He spent countless hours in doctors' offices and hospital waiting rooms, igniting his passion for healthcare and a fierce desire to give back. "Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be a doctor," he reminisces.

Despite a humble upbringing, his commitment to his education and career never wavered. He paid his way through college and medical school, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and completing his general surgery and cardiothoracic residencies at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, institutions where he was both proud and honored to train under some of the best in the field.  "I have often said that I come from a family of patients, not a family of doctors," Dr. Singer reflects, emphasizing the personal connection that fueled his career.

With over three decades of experience, including 27 years at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Dr. Singer’s contributions to the field of cardiac surgery are vast. Yet, his commitment extends beyond his surgical prowess. Dr. Singer and his wife, Bonnie, have always been involved in philanthropy, giving both time and financial support to causes close to their hearts. From supporting the American Heart Association to donating toward practical needs like a nurses' lounge, their generosity knows no bounds. "Giving doesn't always have to be in money necessarily,” he says. “Time is money, and in many ways, is the most precious gift you can give."

Dr. Singer's recent donation to Jefferson Einstein Montgomery Hospital is a testament to his commitment to advancing cardiac care. The $100,000 gift is dedicated to the establishment of an innovative conference room, equipped with advanced technology to support the cardiac surgical team. This innovative technology will enable global interaction, allowing teams to review detailed 3D images and utilize AI to enhance patient care. “Our teams will be able to interact with TJUH as easily as with a team located in Paris,” Dr. Singer explains, highlighting the global reach this technology will facilitate. This initiative not only reflects his dedication to his field, but also his belief in the future of minimally invasive procedures and multispecialty team collaborations.

On behalf of Jefferson Einstein Montgomery Hospital, we extend deep gratitude to Dr. Singer for this generous gift to the EMCM Cardiology Fund. His contribution sets an important example and demonstrates the importance of physician philanthropy at the hospital. This gift will enhance the standards of care, deliver a world-class patient experience, and invest in key priorities, including acquiring advanced minimally invasive robotic equipment like the da Vinci surgical system, upgrading and expanding clinical facilities, and recruiting experts in key roles.

Dr. Singer's return to Philadelphia, close to where he grew up, is a homecoming in many ways. His new role as Clinical Professor of Surgery at Sidney Kimmel Medical College is a full circle moment, honoring the giants in the field who mentored him. "I'm just excited to be back home, and now that I'm a part of Jefferson, talk about coming full circle!" he expresses enthusiastically. His leadership has established the hospital as a top destination for cardiac care, and has already tripled volumes and led to exceptional outcomes.  "I've always thought of leadership as encompassing four main things: having emotional intelligence, communication skills, team-building skills, and, most of all, creating a positive work culture," he states, underscoring his career philosophy.

His story is one of resilience, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to giving back. His passion for teaching, philanthropy, and advancing medical technology continues to inspire his colleagues and the community. As he looks forward to the next five years, Dr. Singer envisions the hospital becoming a premier heart hospital, a testament to his and his team's hard work and dedication. He shares, "What I'd like to see five years from now is people from across our growing region saying, ‘Of course I want to have my heart surgery at Jefferson Einstein Montgomery Hospital. It’s where I feel I will have the best outcome and most caring experience.’"

Dr. Singer's impact on the hospital and the community is profound. Whether leading his team, teaching residents and medical students, or caring for patients and their families, he strives to create a culture of “trust, transparency, and accountability.” "These three pillars are paramount to creating a culture of winning,” he emphasizes.

Dr. Singer exudes his “attitude of gratitude” daily by always being there for his team. “I know that whatever success I may have, and for all the joy in my career, none would have been possible without the hard-working, magnificent team around me," Dr. Singer smiles with “heartfelt” gratitude. His wholehearted dedication to his work and team exemplifies the true spirit of healthcare, making Jefferson Einstein Montgomery Hospital not only a place of healing, but also where lives are touched and transformed every day.