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Jefferson: Here for Your Health

Thomas Jefferson University has called Philadelphia home for almost 200 years. Since opening our doors in 1824, we’ve been dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care to each and every patient. As the city has grown, Jefferson has grown with it.

From the likes of Dr. Samuel Gross and Dr. W.W. Keen—America’s first brain surgeon—who co-wrote the American Text-Book of Surgery in 1893, Jefferson has always been committed to employing and training the best and brightest. Today, our doctors and researchers stand on the shoulders of giants and remain dedicated to continuing their tradition of excellence by providing cutting-edge research and innovative treatments. With more than 70 laboratories, our researchers are redefining what healthcare can and should be.


While our roots run deep in the city, our branches stretch further with each passing year. The Jefferson enterprise is composed of 14 hospitals, which ensures that we can provide comprehensive care to treat any patient that passes through our doors. In 2017, Philadelphia University—a renowned fashion, design, and textile institution—joined Jefferson in an unprecedented merging of the clinical and the creative.

Throughout our rich history, we’ve always strived to put patients and their families at the heart of everything that we do. At Jefferson, we are equipped with the tools and resource of a large metropolitan health system, but our doctors, nurses, and staff treat each patient with warmth and compassion as if they were a member of their own family.

There are a lot of moving parts at Jefferson, each one of them vital to the institution’s success. Thank you to the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals that dedicate their time and energy to keeping our city healthy. Thank you to our students and researchers who are committed to reimagining the future of healthcare.

And most importantly, thank you to our patients for trusting us with their health; it’s a genuine honor and keeps us going day in and day out.