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I Love Jefferson Donors Because...

In celebration of Love a Donor week, we asked Thomas Jefferson University students to share with us why they love Jefferson donors.

I Love Jefferson Donors Because ____________

“ education at Thomas Jefferson University could not be possible without their support and gracious gifts. As a first-generation Latino college student from North Philadelphia, the odds are against me, so I’m grateful for their generosity in helping students like me reach our academic goals.”

– Jahaziel Roman, Construction Management ’21

“...their generosity has allowed me to attend a university with strong pre-med/health science programs and given me the opportunity to play baseball at the collegiate level.”

– Arturo Figueroa, Health Sciences ’21

“...they have given me access to pursue my dreams. Supporting the arts allows for dreamers like me to succeed!”

– James Mamrol, Fashion Design ’24

“...their kindness is helping me to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse. Their generosity has also inspired me to support others. I hope that one day, just as they have helped me, I will be able to help students accomplish their objectives.”

– Amelia Benamara, Nursing ’23