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Without Talking About Money, What Is a Scholarship?

You can’t put a price tag on education. Or achievement, or opportunity, or success, or validation, or encouragement.

Scholarships are so much more than money that covers tuition, fees, and expenses.

For students, they are the acknowledgement of capability, recognition for hard work, and appreciation for the desire to make positive change in the world. They are often a necessity, and always appreciated.

For benefactors, they are the chance to impact the life of a person who might not otherwise be able to fulfill their potential. They are an investment in human capital—the most important commodity on the planet. They are a celebration of the next generation of leaders who will go on to heal the sick, make life-changing discoveries, and become global trailblazers in business and industry.

Together, generous donors and scholarship recipients are powerful partners. They are the facilitators of a better, brighter future for all.