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3D Printing Helps Pup Walk Again

In a new partnership with veterinarians, the Jefferson Health Design Lab gives new meaning to the term “PET scan.” Using a 3D printer, Jefferson student-and-physician designers produced a model of a dachshund’s spine for a veterinarian-surgeon at the Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey. Andy, the seven-year-old dog, woke one morning with his back legs paralyzed from a spinal compression, a common malady of the breed. The replica of the dachshund’s vertebrae column, printed from a CT scan, allowed the surgeons to see and touch what they’d be repairing during the procedure. With an assist from Jefferson’s 3D technology, the veterinarians made the lame pup walk again. A 3 CBS Philly news report and an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer tell the tale—and so does Andy’s wagging tail.

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