Innovation Spaces


Name: Stephen Smith
Position: Senior Vice President, Office of Institutional Advancement
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Design the Future

Innovation spaces nurture creativity and collaboration, the two key ingredients required for innovation.

Health Design Lab

The idea of a medical student embracing design principles is quintessentially Jefferson, and definitively Philadelphian. At the Health Design Lab, our students in medicine, design, and engineering are collaborating across disciplines, building the skills to create innovative solutions in the healthcare landscape of the future.

The Vault is the official home of these creative programs. Located in the former Federal Reserve Bank building at the heart of Jefferson’s campus, the Vault—once reserved for silver and gold—now holds Jefferson’s creative capital. It’s a versatile maker space that captures Jefferson’s core value to be bold and think differently. Inside, doctors and students are using modern techniques like prototyping and 3-D printing to develop better methods of care delivery for current and future patients. They are literally designing the future of healthcare.

Philanthropic investment in the Health Design Lab provides the flexible funding necessary to launch exciting new programs, invest in next-generation technologies, and accelerate innovation for generations to come.