Name: Chris Ahearn
Position: Assistant Vice President of Development, Orthopaedics and Clinical Programs, Office of Institutional Advancement
Contact Number(s):

The 21st Century House Call

At Jefferson, we recognize that technological innovation is revolutionizing everything from how we watch our movies to how we order our food. In this increasingly digital world, JeffConnect is the 21st century house call, providing on-demand virtual care to patients when and where they need it. As the fastest growing health system in the nation, we are uniquely poised to become research leaders for this emerging health delivery system, setting the standards and guidelines for other institutions to follow. In fact, Thomas Jefferson University is one of the only academic programs in the nation to offer training and certificate programs in telehealth.

As we look to the future, philanthropic support is vital to expanding the breadth and reach of this transformational service across the enterprise, ensuring more patients throughout the region have access to the very best healthcare possible.