Seed Funding for Innovative Research


Name: Stephen Smith
Position: Senior Vice President, Office of Institutional Advancement
Contact Number(s):

Seeding Innovation, Sparking Transformation

Jefferson is home to visionary physicians, scientists, students, and staff who are brave enough to think outside the box, pursuing exciting new ventures previously unimagined. Too often, however, these forward-thinking innovations go unfunded through traditional government and industry sources. Now, more than ever, philanthropy plays a pivotal role in advancing high-impact, early-stage ideas that could fundamentally transform the future of care delivery.

Jumpstart Program

This fund is dedicated to supporting early stage programs and projects to maximize their potential to generate greater social impact and attract a wider network of support.    

Abington Innovator’s Circle

Contributions to the Innovators' Circle will directly support new innovative ideas and creative solutions that come directly from Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health and Abington – Lansdale Hospital physicians, nurses, and staff.