Frontline Healthcare Workers

The pandemic was a call to action, a summons to do what they were born for: to help, to heal, to put people first and care for our community. They were the lantern in the storm of Covid-19. Our frontline healthcare workers responded with courage, with devotion, and with compassion for those in need.

These were the people who came to work every day, touching their children through glass doors, learning to do delicate work while wearing full-body protection equipment. They were anxious, many were scared, and many got through the day repeating the mantra, “We have to do this for the people who depend on us.”

Our world did depend on them. The pace of medical innovation was dazzling. Within weeks, they learned how to keep each other safe, how to help patients recover, and how to reduce mortality. They made testing swabs and PPE, they reached out to communities as trusted advisers, and they danced on tiktok to relieve tension.

They are doctors, nurses, environmental service workers and food service staff, technicians and therapists, students and pathologists, receptionists and security guards, leadership and support workers, and many more. 

Every one of them is an essential worker, and together, their synergy has kept Jefferson Health open and running. COVID-19 has shown us the very best in humanity. On the frontlines at Jefferson, it’s here in abundance.