Frazier Family Coalition for Stroke Education & Prevention


Name: Tracie Slade, MPH
Position: Director of Development, Health Equity, and Community Engagement, Jefferson Collaborative for Health Equity
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A Model for Success

The Frazier Family Coalition for Stroke Education and Prevention is a partnership between Jefferson and Temple, coordinated through the Jefferson Collaborative for Health Equity, to promote the health of North Philadelphia residents through a multifaceted program aimed at reducing the number of strokes. The coalition is addressing an especially urgent need, since stroke is the fourth-highest cause of death in Philadelphia. With its office located in the lowest-income zip code in the city, the coalition is countering the lack of access to providers, unmanaged chronic disease, and limited awareness of risk factors that had allowed the rate of stroke to swell in North Philadelphia.

With a gift to the Frazier Family Coalition for Stroke Education and Prevention, you can help ensure that vulnerable residents have access to the resources and programs they need to stay healthy. You create a legacy that will touch the lives of countless individuals.