Heart & Vascular Research


Name: Stephen Smith
Position: Senior Vice President, Office of Institutional Advancement
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The Heart of Innovation

In 1953, Dr. John H. Gibbon, Jr. began a new era in cardiac surgery by developing the heart-lung machine at Jefferson—a life-saving achievement, setting a new standard of care throughout the discipline. That spirit of innovation continues to this day. We were one of the first heart centers in the U.S. to implant stents to open blocked arteries. Our surgeons are among the first in the region to use robotic techniques to repair mitral valves. And our dedicated physician-scientists are actively shaping the future of cardiac care through path-breaking clinical and basic research.

Philanthropy is the heart of innovation. Your generosity will take our research to the next level, fueling our efforts to personalize cardiac care, develop targeted therapies, and pioneer new surgical techniques that speed up recovery time for our patients. Together, with your generosity and our expertise, we will continue raising the bar, making an impact in countless lives around the world.