Orthopaedic Research


Name: Chris Ahearn
Position: Assistant Vice President of Development, Orthopaedics, Office of Institutional Advancement
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A Bold New Frontier

Research is the bedrock of orthopaedic medicine, responsible for the modern clinical tools and procedures that rebuild countless lives every day. Traditionally, orthopaedic research has focused on correcting the mechanical causes of musculoskeletal pain. In Jefferson’s Division of Orthopaedic Research, our world-renowned scientists are studying musculoskeletal challenges at the molecular and cellular level. These discoveries are powering new innovations and cellular therapies designed to target pain at its biological source, addressing both the mechanical symptoms of orthopaedic conditions and their underlying physiological causes.

We are seeking new solutions to some of the most pervasive and complex problems in orthopaedics, including chronic back pain, joint infections, fibrosis, and osteoarthritis. To reach the next frontier of orthopaedic care, philanthropy is essential. Your generosity unlocks the next discovery, propelling new treatments from the bench to the bedside.