Scholarship Students Empowered to Think, Innovate & Create Change

The college experience at Jefferson is as unique as the students who proudly call themselves Rams.

Our students may have different goals in mind when deciding to come to Jefferson, but they all find themselves staying for similar reasons. From our wide array of majors, to our small class sizes, work study opportunities, our ever-expanding alumni network, and much more, our students happily call Jefferson their home away from home.

Regardless of major or career path, paying for college is no easy feat. Our generous benefactors and alumni know this as well as anyone, and have chosen to support students throughout Jefferson as they prepare for careers in the design, textile, and healthcare industries.

Here are just a few of our exemplary students who fully embody Jeffersonian values:

  • Erin Bray is a senior Occupational Therapy major and recipient of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholarship. While her position as chapter president in her sorority, Theta Phi Alpha, put her on the radar, it was her leadership skills, community involvement, and commitment to education that earned her the scholarship. Erin says that this support has not only relieved some of the financial burden, but has also made her transition to grad school easier as she pursues a career in pediatric OT.
  • Sarah Doelp, a senior Medical Studies major, is planning to make the jump to medical school next year to pursue a career as a medical examiner. She received the Gerda L. and Frederick T. Cundell Scholarship, and is thankful for the financial support and the freedom to focus on her studies to become the best doctor she can possibly be.
  • Our students come from far and wide to pursue careers in medicine and design. One such student is Skylar Penrose, a junior Graphic Design major and Textile Technology and Materials minor, who is the recipient of the Carolina Alumni Scholarship, which provides support for textile students from the Carolinas.
  • Jiayuan Xu, a senior Fashion Merchandise student, made the trek all the way from Beijing to study at Jefferson. She received the Florence Stewart Scholarship, which supports international students who have demonstrated dedication to their studies.

In 2017, Jefferson and Philadelphia University came under one roof in an unprecedent merging of the creative and the clinical. From developing better football helmets to designing maternity clothes with function and flair, our designers and clinicians are bringing the best of both worlds together.

Logan Czachowski, a junior Fashion Merchandise major and recipient of the Allen Sirkin Scholarship, was attracted to Jefferson for just this reason. “I think it’s cool that they use different majors to collab, and they really like integrating everyone into one big family,” she says.

Another added bonus that resulted from the merger was the addition of 17 collegiate sports teams. Our students work just as hard in the classroom as they do on the field—and our supporters recognize that. Valez Jackson, a senior Communications major, was awarded the Bucky and Lorraine Harris scholarship for her athletic and academic achievements. This generous scholarship offers financial support as well as a work-study position to aid in career development.

While Jefferson is central to the greater Philadelphia area, we provide our students ample opportunities to immerse themselves in cultures from around the world. Kellyn Kemmerer, a senior Textile Technology and Materials major, received the Peggy Goutmann Scholarship while studying abroad in Rome. This news allowed her to truly take in Italian culture and focus on her studies knowing there were people supporting her.

Freshman Fashion Design major and recipient of the Christopher Rondeau Scholarship, Claire Puhalski, experienced fashion in other countries during her semester abroad in Paris. While she still has a lot of schooling ahead of her, Claire is already looking toward the future to leave her mark and is planning to get involved in combating “fast fashion” and by utilizing economic and environmentally friendly designs.

The support of our illustrious sponsors, benefactors, and alumni are paving the way for the next generation, by allowing our students to confidentially pursue their studies without the overwhelming financial burden of college tuition weighing them down. From the emergency room to the runway, our students are redefining what it means to be a Jefferson graduate as they share their excellence and passion with the world.