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Communities United for Health Equity

Philadelphia is the nation’s poorest and unhealthiest large city, with immense health disparities between rich and poor. Today, a baby born in Center City will live up to 20 years longer than one born in North Philadelphia. We’re committed to dismantling that inequity and ensuring all children in Philadelphia have the same opportunity to live long, healthy lives.

Key Initiatives

Jefferson has a long history of outreach to improve the lives of disadvantaged people in our communities. We’ve been listening to our neighbors, and key ideas for philanthropic support are clear: We will provide seed money grants to help organizations in vulnerable neighborhoods improve health and well-being; partner with local, regional, and global organizations to establish community health centers in underserved areas; help local nonprofits teach financial skills and increase employment; and increase educational access through scholarships.

Progress to Date

$100 Million



Jefferson Collaborative for Health Equity

The Jefferson Collaborative for Health Equity leverages the power of collective impact to address health disparities head-on, bringing together stakeholders throughout the city to identify the social and economic factors affecting community health—and creating targeted solutions to overcome them.