Department of Emergency Medicine


Name: Chris Ahearn
Position: Assistant Vice President of Development, Orthopaedics and Clinical Programs, Office of Institutional Advancement
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When Every Second Counts

When an emergency occurs, every choice, every action, and every second counts. In these critical moments, you don’t want just any care team—you want the best. That’s why our patients choose Jefferson’s Department of Emergency Medicine.

Jefferson cares for more than 517,000 emergency visitors every year, providing round-the-clock service for the full spectrum of patient needs. We are home to one of only 14 Level I Trauma Centers in the nation, one of the most advanced and acclaimed stroke centers in the U.S., the largest orthopaedic surgery program in the Delaware Valley, the only dedicated hospital for neuroscience in the region, and much more. Our multidisciplinary team comprises some of the nation’s leading physicians in their respective disciplines, all dedicated to providing compassionate care to every patient who comes through our doors.

Your generosity helps facilitate fast and reliable emergency care for more patients. It fuels high-impact research designed to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. And it powers forward-thinking training opportunities for tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.