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Student story

Western Slope Doctors Return from Haiti Medical Mission
KREX5 interviews Dr. Adam Baker about CHANCE. Watch the video here...


Student story

Jefferson Haiti Initiative
Adam J. Luginbuhl, MD, Joseph M. Curry, MD, and Elizabeth Dale, EVP and Chief Advancement Officer, discuss the inspiration, impact, and future of CHANCE...


Student story

Student Story – Matthew Stewart
It was a month before I would put my white coat on for the first time. I ran across a photo online of Dr. Joe Curry and Dr. Adam Luginbuhl checking in on a patient who had just undergone a laryngectomy––but in Haiti...



Dire Need for Radiation Therapy in Haiti
Dominque, a Haitian resident studying with Dr. Jean-Gilles, discusses the frustration she faces daily. She knows radiation therapy is the answer, but instead must watch helplessly while her patients die needlessly...


Day Three PM

Haiti Day Three – PM – Helpless
Later in the day on Saturday, our surgeons went to the open-air clinic to see a patient. In stark contrast to a U.S. physician’s office, there were no walls, only a metal roof above rows of wooden benches...


Day Three

Haiti Day Three – AM – Ban Poison Darts
Day three begins with a formal lesson, a sermon on kindness. At 7 a.m., we join about ten Haitians for a Catholic Mass in an open-air chapel...


Day Two

Haiti Day Two – Soul
The word for day two is soul. My first recollections of the word soul are from my very early years in parochial elementary school...


Day One

Haiti Day One – Humanity
I am in a very small unair-conditioned pickup truck traversing Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It’s hot. Three of us are crammed in the backseat...



There's a Chance That Lives in Every Dream
A story by David Caldarella, a stage IV cancer survivor and grateful patient.