Office of Institutional Advancement

How You Can Help

Philanthropic investments support our mission of focused expertise and world-class orthopaedic care, research and education so that we can continue to provide unparalleled services to every patient, both now and in the future.

Orthopaedic Surgery Research Endowment

The Orthopaedic Surgery Research Endowment assists Jefferson researchers and clinicians in their work to better understand and treat difficult musculoskeletal disorders. Gifts to the endowment provide long-term stability, enabling our physician-scientists to bring research discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside; advance therapies and surgical procedures that improve lives and transform the practice of medicine; and expertly train those who will become the dedicated, caring healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

Jerome M. Cotler, MD ’52 Resident Education Fund

Dr. Jerome M. Cotler was the co-founder of Jefferson’s Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of the Delaware Valley and previously served as vice chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. This fund was created to honor Dr. Cotler's commitment to providing new generations of students and residents with the most comprehensive and advanced medical training opportunities available. Gifts to this fund support orthopaedic surgery residents and their participation in research and other scholarly work.

Orthopaedic Surgery Innovation Fund

Financial support for innovation is critical to advancing orthopaedic care. Gifts to the innovation fund support our scientists as they pioneer new approaches to treating limb and joint pain beyond medication or surgery; create novel treatments to aid the regeneration of diseased or amputated limbs; and develop antibodies to tackle fibrosis and lessen the rate of infection after surgery, among other advancements in orthopaedic care.

Robotics Learning Center

Roughly 20% of all partial knee replacements are now being completed using robotic technologies. That number is expected to increase to about 35% over the next five years, thereby increasing the need for physicians who are highly trained to perform these procedures. Your gift could help establish a state-of-the-art robotic learning center at Jefferson, where our expert physicians can train young surgeons, residents, fellows and visiting surgeons in the techniques of using robotics to help meet this critical need.

Biomechanics and Biomaterial Testing Facility

Funding a Biomechanics and Biomaterial Testing Facility would allow further exploration and insight into the workings of human physiology. Biomechanical science paired with clinical expertise of the physicians who take care of the moving parts of the body can, through academic and scientific collaboration, advance the fi eld of orthopaedics and foster better understanding of how to heal and improve the conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. Partnership between biomechanical engineering and orthopaedic and rehabilitative medicine can bridge the gap between science and direct patient care to improve the lives of those who have injuries or degenerative conditions.

Naming Opportunities

Philanthropic investments support our mission of focused expertise and world-class orthopaedic care, research and education so that we can continue to provide unparalleled services to every patient, both now and in the future. Below is a listing our highest-priority naming opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about any of these, please contact Christopher Ahearn

Division of Orthopaedic Research $20 Million
Center for Spine Research $10 Million
Center for Plasma $5 Million
Center for the Treatment of Orthopaedic Infections $5 Million
Center for the Treatment of Fibrotic Diseases $5 Million
Biomechanics and Biomaterial Testing Facility $5 Million
Distinguished Professor $2.5 Million
Professorship $1.5 Million
Term Professorship $500,000-$1 Million
High Resolution Microscopy Laboratory $600,000
Fellowship $500,000
Resident Education $250,000
Chairman’s Strategic Fund $250,000
Innovation Fund $100,000
Research Support $100,000
Program Support $100,000
Lectureship $50,000
Travel Fund $50,000
Confocal microscopy system $250,000
Small animal imaging system $135,000
Soft X-ray machine $70,000
Hypoxia chamber and culturing systems $70,000
Multiplex PCR $60,000
Nanodrop Spectrophotometer $50,000
Rapid Western Blot system $40,000
Energy dispersive analysis system $35,000

President's Club

Donors join this distinguished group when they make an annual gift of $2,500 or more in the fiscal year. President’s Club members provide valuable resources for students, researchers and clinicians while sending a message to others that Jefferson is an institution worthy of investment. Learn more here.