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Requirements for Accepted Students - College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Congratulations on your acceptance to Jefferson!

Please review the requirements and information listed below before you start your classes. Failure to complete the prerequisite requirements will result in denied access to Blackboard/Banner on the first day of class. If you have any questions about completing these requirements, please contact the Admissions Office at 215-503-8890.

Please use the following information as a checklist to keep track of your requirements as you complete them. We’ve arranged the following tasks by when they require completion in order to ensure you get everything completed on time.

You need to:


Due Date:  Listed on acceptance letter

To confirm your enrollment please follow the steps outlined below.

You will receive two emails from within 24 hours of your acceptance.  The first will contain your Banner ID and log-in instructions.  The second will be your PIN. 

  • Select the link:  Confirm Your Enrollment and follow the instructions
  • Part of confirming your enrollment is ensuring the University has the necessary information for you to receive Financial Aid, complete the pre-matriculation process and receive your campus key which is needed to access campus technology.  If you are missing this information, please click on the “Submit Your Missing Information” link and follow the instructions.
  • If you do not have a Social Security number, please contact the Admissions Office at or 215-503-8890.


Due Date:  1st Day of Classes

Students who received a prerequisite agreement in their acceptance letter must complete this requirement. If an agreement form was not included in the acceptance letter, this requirement is waived.

  • Submission of your enrollment deposit confirms you have read and understand your prerequisite agreement.
  • Complete all of the prerequisite credits/requirements prior to enrollment.


It’s important all students review and update their HOME and LOCAL ADDRESSES, as well as EMERGENCY CONTACT information on a regular basis.

To do so, log on to Banner Web and click on the Personal Information link.


Once you confirm your enrollment, the Academic Service Offices, including Financial Aid, will communicate with you via your Jefferson email address. Check your email with regularity at


Start Date: January 1st
Due Date:  June 1st

Begin this process early since it may take up to 8 weeks to complete.

Health requirements and forms can be found here at the Occupational Health Network (OHN) website. Physical Therapy students are in Category B for health requirements.

To complete the health requirements:

  • Print Category B documents and take to your physician.
  • To submit your documents, enroll with American DataBank’s (ADB) Complio System, a company contracted by Occupational Health Network, for a $30 annual subscription fee. ADB is a compliance tracking system where you will load your completed documents.
  • You are expected to use your Jefferson email account when enrolling in ADB.
  • Upload the completed health records into the American DataBank (ADB) Complio System.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the forms have been reviewed and approved.
  • If the forms have been accepted and are considered complete, the ADB Complio System reads “School Approved.”

Questions may be addressed by phone to OHN at 215-955-6835 or by email to

If you are a current Jefferson Employee, you must visit OHN and update your records.


Start Date: January 1st
Due Date: June 1st

You are required to submit the following clearances:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Fingerprint Clearance
  • Child Abuse Clearance
  • CPR Certification- American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare providers

In order to make submission of these items as easy as possible, we have partnered with American DataBank, via their Complio platform for students to submit all of these clearances.

Step One: Create an Account to submit your clearances with Complio

Step Two: Place your order

  • Once you have created your account, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right hand side of the page that says “Place Order”
  • Select School: Health Professions
  • Select Program: Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Select in state or out of state: If you live in Pennsylvania you will select in state, if not you will select out of state
  • Under Bundles
    • Select 1st radio button; Comprehensive Criminal Background Check and Compliance Tracking
    • The fee varies based upon your state of residency, ranging from $70 to 80

Be aware of the following specific information:

CPR Certification

  • Students must have an active CPR certification throughout their time in the program at Jefferson.
  • The certification we will accept is the American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare providers
  • You will add a copy of your  CPR certification into the Complio system

Pennsylvania Child Abuse

  • When completing the application provide the following answers:
    • Purpose – Volunteer
    • Category – Other
    • Agency – Thomas Jefferson University
  • The results will be emailed to you. Upon receiving your Child Abuse results, you have 2 options:
    • Take a digital copy (smart phone, iPad, camera) of the results and send the clear digital copy to
    • You can forward the email you received from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare that contains the PDF version of your results to

Criminal Background Check

The Complio system will provide instructions for how to complete the background check. Please review the tutorials in the systems for support. 

FBI Fingerprints

Pennsylvania Residents can have their fingerprints taken electronically. Non Pennsylvania Residents must have their fingerprints rolled.

The FBI fingerprints results will be emailed to you. You cannot view these results on your smart phone and you only get (1) chance to view these results on a computer. PLEASE PREVIEW THE TUTORIAL ON THE COMPLIO WEBSITE ON HOW TO UPLOAD YOUR FINGERPRINT RESULTS TO YOUR COMPLIO ACCOUNT.

Some students have difficulty with the clarity of their prints when getting their fingerprints rolled. American Data Bank suggests that prior to having your fingerprints rolled you should:

  • Wash your hands less frequently for two or three days before having your prints rolled
  • Put on hand lotion before having the prints rolled
  • Ask the officer/official rolling your prints to spray a ridge building or softening agent on your finger pads before they begin rolling your prints
  • If you feel your prints are in good shape but you are concerned about how the prints were physically rolled it is recommended that you go to another location for your next set. You can go to a police station or any security company that offers fingerprint rolling services
  • If your fingerprints were low quality or rejected for another reason, you will be required to repeat your fingerprints. Please contact the Admissions Office about repeating fingerprinting
  • There is a fee associated with repeat fingerprinting


Start Date: April 1st
Due Date: June 1st



Start Date: April 1st
Due Date: June 1st


You’ll receive an Orientation packet approximately one month prior to your scheduled date.

Attendance is mandatory, so do not forget to register.


The Department Orientation, where you learn the policies, procedures, and standards of your program, is a required component to starting your education at Jefferson. 

Additional details and instructions will be sent to you by the PT department in the spring.


Due Date: Before First Day of Classes

At the completion of all outstanding prerequisites, have an official transcript mailed to:

Office of Admissions 
130 South 9th Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19107