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JCBS Speed Networking Event with JCBS Alumni


The Graduate Student Association (GSA), the Jefferson Postdoctoral Association (JPA), Jefferson Business and Biotechnology Group (BizBio), and the Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences Office of Postdoctoral Affairs collaborated to provide a wonderful opportunity to network. The Annual JCBS Speed Networking Event with JCBS alumni and other science professionals was held on Thursday, November 10th. This was an opportunity for PhD and Masters students as well as Postdoctoral fellows to network with scientific professionals from a variety of career paths. During this event, attendees had approximately 10 minutes to meet with a scientific professional of their choice. At the end of the 10 minutes, each attendee had another chance to interact with another professional. Attendees were also encouraged to research the professionals they would meet with in advance and dress professionally. Additionally attendees had the opportunity to bring their resumes and work on them with representatives from the Thomas Jefferson University Career Development Center.  After the Speed Networking Event, a reception was held to allow for more time to network with the professionals. This event was an excellent opportunity to interact with scientists who have succeeded in industry, business development, management consulting, medical writing, tech transfer, science policy and other non-traditional scientific careers.