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Jefferson College of Health Professions
Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology

Graduate Certificates

Students who have a Bachelor of Science with at least 30 science credits (biology, chemistry and/or medical sciences) can earn a graduate certificate to gain mastery of the technical and analytical skills in specific areas of clinical or research laboratory practice. Select an accelerated (3-semester, full-time) or extended (5-semester, part-time) schedule.

BioTech - MolBio

Molecular biologists use a wide variety of techniques to prepare specimens for diagnosing genetic diseases, identifying infectious agents and paternity testing. 

BioTech - Immunohematology

Immunohematologists type and cross-match blood from donors and recipients and analyze specific blood products for use in blood-component therapy. 

BioTech-Clinical Chem

Clinical chemists analyze blood and body fluids to determine their biochemical parameters and the physiological health of the patient. 

BioTech - Microbiology

Microbiologists culture, isolate and diagnose bacteria, parasites and viruses to identify the cause of disease and the best course of treatment. 

BioTech - Hematology

Hematologists analyze the function and formation of red and white blood cells and other elements of blood and body fluids. 

Medical Product Development

Prepares students with the fundamentals of project management and development of new medical products and services.