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The department sponsors an active clinical and laboratory based research program. Many of the faculty are engaged in clinical research projects in their area of specialization. They often work with residents at the CA-2 and CA-3 levels to initiate, complete, and present these studies. The faculty regularly publish in anesthesia journals with the highest impact factors in our specialty. Residents who help with research projects are included in publications (often as first authors), and they regularly present preliminary findings at national anesthesia meetings (e.g., ASA, IARS, SOAP, ASRA). Residents willing to put forth the extra effort to participate in research have a high likelihood of producing scholarly work during their tenure in the training program. For individuals considering academic anesthesiology, this will have an important impact on their career.

Departmental Publications*

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Several anesthesiologists have doctoral degrees in the basic sciences including organic chemistry, physiology, biology and physics. These and other faculty members are engaged in laboratory research on basic principals of anesthetic action. This is often done in collaboration with other departments in the medical school.

The main research programs are focused on pain management, obstetric analgesia, regional anesthesia, regulation of insulin and glucose release, metabolism, measurement and function, operating room management science, and anesthesia clinical decision support.

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