Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University


Our residency program is designed to provide exposure to core neurological diseases through the ward, consult, and night float rotations, and by a weekly continuity clinic throughout all three years. Residents also see a diverse array of neurologic subspecialties throughout all three years of training, from the multispecialty clinic in PGY-2 year to the variety of electives available in more senior years. There is also graduated responsibility through senior night float and ward and stroke senior in the PGY-3 and PGY-4 years. All rotations are at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital unless otherwise noted.

PGY-2 Curriculum
Multispecialty Out-Patient Clinic at JHN 10 Weeks
Ward Service 8 Weeks
Stroke Service at JHN 8 Weeks
Inpatient Headache Service at Methodist 6 Weeks
NICU at TJUH 8 Weeks
Night float (in 1 week blocks) 5 Weeks
Neuroradiology 3 Weeks
Vacation 4 Weeks
PGY-3 Curriculum
Inpatient and Stroke/ER Consultation Service 12 Weeks
Elective 15 Weeks
Inpatient Epilepsy 10 Weeks
NICU at JHN 4 Weeks
Pediatric Neurology at Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children 4 Weeks
Senior Night Float at JHN (in 1 week blocks) 3 Weeks
Vacation 4 Weeks
PGY-4 Curriculum
Elective 13 Weeks
Senior Floor Resident (Ward or Stroke) 12 Weeks
Pediatric Neurology at AI DuPont 8 Weeks
Consultation-Liaision Psychiatry 4 Weeks
Neuropathology 4 Weeks
Senior Night Float at JHN (in 1 week blocks) 3 Weeks
Multispecialty Out-Patient Clinic at JHN 4 Weeks
Vacation 4 Weeks

During training residents will spend time at the following institutions:

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH) – a 600+ bed hospital in central Philadelphia with 140-160 neurology inpatient neurology admissions/month; 14 bed Neuro-intensive care Unit (Gibbon Building), 26 bed Neuro-intensive care Unit (JHN), 20 bed Intermediate Neuro Care Unit, 15 bed Stroke Unit with cardiac monitoring, 8 bed video EEG unit. Continuity Clinic will be scheduled one time per week for the full three years of the residency.

Jefferson Hospital for Neurosciences (JHN) – JHN, a hospital dedicated to neurological and neurosurgical patient care and research, is located just two blocks from our main hospital. This facility supports a 26-bed Neuro-intensive Care Unit, 20-bed Intermediate Neuro-intensive Care Unit and a 15-bed Stroke Unit.

Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children – a pediatric hospital located in Wilmington, Delaware with active inpatient and consultative service, including video EEG monitoring, and active outpatient subspecialty clinics including epilepsy, neuromuscular, and headache.

Jefferson Headache Center at Methodist – a 12 bed Headache Unit run by the Jefferson Headache Center, in which neurology residents will spend 6 weeks of their residency managing complex headache cases. Residents will also spend time learning outpatient headache management at the Headache Center located at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.