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Barsevick Clinical Research


Dr. Andrea Barsevick studies quality of life problems during the cancer experience including symptoms, cancer survivorship, and technology-based intervention related to the cancer experience.  The goal of this research is to improve quality of life during and after cancer.  The research has several foci:

  • Cancer-related symptoms are an area of interest.  This work includes both descriptive and intervention studies.  Symptoms of particular interest include fatigue, sleep disturbance, and depression.  She has published widely on the bio-behavioral determinants of cancer-related symptoms and symptom clusters during the cancer experience. 
  • Cancer survivorship projects include the study of African American breast cancer survivors, use of survivor care plans, and intervention to increase survivor physical activity.   
  • Technology use as an intervention strategy is an area of focus.  Current projects include deployment of survivor care plans using a cloud-based platform, a mobile application to increase physical activity after breast cancer treatment, and a mobile application to support caregivers of cancer patients.

Andrea Barsevick, PhD, RN

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