Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Provost's Pilot Clinical Research Award FAQs

Faculty support cannot be requested from the DTSA; however, technical support is an allowable expense. Please note an exception for PhilaU faculty, who are permittted to request salary support on their budget page. 

Applications must be received by November 1st for considersation of funding starting January 1st.  Application may be submitted any time between September 1st - November 1st. 

Please note that award dollars must be spent by the end of the fiscal budget year they are granted.  (i.e., by June 30).

There is no negative impact of asking for a budget up to the $50,000 limit. It is important to appropriately justify all costs associated with the requested grant award. Please note; however, that in evaluating the proposals the budget will be included in the review and it is possible that a proposal is recommended at a reduced amount.

Salary support for technical help is an appropriate budget request.

The reviewer’s comments on your application will be provided to each applicant.

The DTSA grants and their budgets do not need to be processed through your departmental grant office and should not go through ORA.

Provost's Pilot Clinical Research grant proposals should be sent directly to the InfoReady Portal

Failure to follow the guidelines as provided in the instructions for the Provost's Pilot Clinical Research Award grant submission can result in the Committee on Research returning your application without review.

Yes. The resubmission should be changed to address the reviewers’ comments and include a one page introduction that explains how the revision addresses the critiques.