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Grants Dashboard II

The Grants Dashboard II is a budget management tool to assist in bringing in the general ledger, labor, square footage and submission data.

This secure reporting tool is available to all Deans, Department Chairs, Department Administrators and Principle Investigators to review productivity measures defined below.

The report answers the following questions:

  • Current external salary coverage for each investigator
  • Current external direct and indirect expenditures for each investigator
  • Previous two fiscal years total external expenditure for each investigator
  • Productivity of the research square footage from the past two fiscal years
  • Active Programmatic Awards as prime and sub
  • NEW Proposal submissions for the last three fiscal years broken out by federal and non-federal  

Identified Faculty is displayed with their primary appointment department, track, full name and rank. These identified faculty fall into one of the following four tracks: Academic Investigator, Clinical & Educational Scholarship, Clinician Educator, or Research.

To view report, within the Grants Dashboard II, click on Phase II Report on the left navigation.

All data elements, definitions and formulas used in the Grants Dashboard II reporting tool are defined in the Jefferson Data CookBook.  Jefferson Data CookBook is a web-based tool used to coordinate the definitions and terms used within the many Jefferson reporting tools to provide consistencies and additional information to the end-users of the reports.

Jefferson Data CookBook link is on the left navigation within Grants Dashboard II.

Administrators should contact ORA for any sub-contract awards which are programmatic and the activity code in ePTF is blank.  TIP:  If you find you are missing programmatic awards (federal activity codes starting with P, U, T or S), review your ePTF records to ensure the activity code field is not blank.  If it is blank, contact ORA to update your record. 

All new Grants Dashboard II access requests should be submitted to the RACE Director Sam DiIanni at