Complex Head and Neck Care and Education


Our relationship with partners in Haiti has led to a rich exchange of ideas, facilitating a vital collaboration as we worked together to treat head and neck disease in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and the third poorest nation in the world. Unfortunately, due to recent unrest, our Haitian colleagues have advised us not to visit the country, and our medical outreach is on hold. We long and hope for the safety and stability of this country and their amazing people.


Africa and South America

Although visits to Haiti are on hold, CHANCE doctors have turned their attention to new requests from the international community. We are excited to be in our second year of working with our talented partners in Africa and South America.

In addition to performing surgeries, our physicians, Dr. David Cognetti, Dr. Adam Luginbuhl, Dr. Joseph Curry, Dr. Ryan Heffelfinger, and Dr. Howard Krein, have participated in a greater initiative to provide skill transference to surgeons in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Haiti, Guatemala, and Belize.


major head and neck surgeries performed


reconstructions using tissue transplants for head and neck tumors


patients seen in clinic