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Dr. AI - Machines Could Change Hospital Care



The future of healthcare is becoming futuristic, as providers increasingly look to computerized data and tools to improve outcomes. For example, many hospitals are looking into electronic health record (EHR) data and machine learning, which is the process of having computers teach themselves things to predict which inpatients are going to develop severe sepsis or septic shock.

Computers can compare large numbers of patients’ outcomes with their vital signs, test results, and other information, and then develop systems for predicting outcomes in advance. While the technology can be very helpful, there are challenges to overcome to insure that the models are safe and being used to the maximum efficiency, according to Rebecca Jaffe, MD, ACP Member, a clinical assistant professor and hospitalist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

“Recognizing patterns and changes within that data, you can lose the trend just from trying to incorporate the massive amount of data points. If we offload some of that into the system itself, then providers can focus on activating the right interventions at the right time and have computers do the things that they do well,” she explains.

Dr. Jaffe was chosen to lead the implementation of a predictive model at Jefferson, in partnership with data scientists and analysts.

Source: ACP Hospitalist