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Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Partners With Company for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment



The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center has partnered with Genisphere LLC, the provider of the 3DNA® platform for targeted drug delivery, to develop novel approaches to treat pancreatic cancer.

Investigators at the two institutions will combine expertise to optimize 3DNA-based therapeutics designed to target and kill pancreatic tumors.

“Unfortunately, to date, our most successful therapies for pancreatic cancer, besides surgery, have been nontargeted chemotherapies. The concept of developing and deploying a nanotechnology-based targeted approach that could be personalized and delivered successfully to our patients is promising and exciting,” says Jonathan Brody, PhD, principal investigator on the project. He is co-director of the Jefferson Pancreatic, Biliary and Related Cancer Center and director of Surgical Research.

Charles J. Yeo, MD, FACS, the eighth Samuel D. Gross professor and chair, Department of Surgery, adds, “We are continuing our most diligent and laser-focused efforts to develop novel therapies to offer patients affected by pancreatic cancer. This tumor has now ascended to become the third-leading cause of cancer-related death in America. Using a military analogy, this collaboration can be likened to using highly sophisticated smart bombs to destroy specific targets, minimizing collateral damage.”