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Dedication of the Dominic & Michele Frederico Building

Dominic and Michele Frederico Building Dedication

May 25th marked the dedication of Dominic and Michele Frederico Building—home to the Jefferson Accelerator Zone (JAZ)—and cemented its place as “command central” for innovation and entrepreneurship at Jefferson. Increasingly, our students and faculty are “start-up natives.”

Supported by a foundational investment from Dominic and Michele Frederico, the Frederico building’s tech-enabled conference rooms allow students and faculty to partner with other innovators, whether they’re across campus or across the country. Each “collaboration space” comes equipped with WiFi, several multi-use LCD screens and ample space to spread out, and houses entrepreneurship competitions, speaker series and Health Hackathons,

The Fredericos gave Jefferson more than a transformational gift; they gave us a great idea by helping to bring students’ youthful creativity under the same roof as seasoned “mentor-preneurs,” who help guide ideas along the path from whiteboard to bedside. Informed by Dominic Frederico’s long career as corporate leader and the couple’s extensive philanthropic engagement with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, this gift has shaped a space where students and mentors can come together on their way to the next Big Idea.