Office of Institutional Advancement

How You Can Help

The average wage for a person in Haiti is US$2 per day. They are unable to afford even the most basic care, let alone a complex procedure or surgery. Only about a third of patients with treatable cancer can afford to seek out care unavailable in Haiti by leaving the country to get radiation, surgery, or other therapies. Your generosity can make a substantial impact on the lives of people needing care in Haiti. Your generosity heals.

A generous donation of


$50 will help provide a needed outpatient procedure to someone who otherwise would not be able to afford it.



$250 will repair the cleft lip of a child who has lived far too long with a facial deformity.



$500 will cover expenses related to a parotidectomy, thyroidectomy, or tracheal resection.



$1,000 will make a free-flap-reconstruction surgery a reality for a patient in need. Jefferson Head and Neck surgeons are the first and only physicians to perform this complex surgery in Haiti.


Surgical supplies

$5,000 will provide surgical supplies and instruments needed for a week’s worth of operations.



$15,000 will fully fund surgeries, supplies, and travel for physicians and nurses for a one-week trip.



$25,000 will fully fund a Haitian resident to stay for a three-to-four-month educational rotation at Jefferson, covering room and board, living and travel expenses, and the cost of educational courses.



$50,000 will fully fund one year’s worth of surgical mission trips to Haiti.